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Fair trade challenges the conventional model of trade and offers progressive and sustainable alternatives for thousands of producers and rural communities worldwide. This system ensures that producers can provide for their own basic food, housing, health and education needs.

When you buy products with the FAIRTRADE label, you are ensuring that the producer has been paid the minimum price required to cover the necessary costs of production and still make a reasonable profit.

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FT bananas_edited_edited.jpg

Go Bananas!

Cultivated in Asia and the Pacific for almost 10,000 years, ...

FT rice_edited.jpg

Rice at a Price

Almost all the world’s rice is grown on small farms where it is planted by hand...

FT coffee-beans 2.jpg

The Daily Grind

Coffee is big business—second only to oil in trading on world markets. However...

FT Flowers - Girdport flower Farm - Zimbabwe.jpg

Flower Power

The majority of flowers sold in Canada are imported from Latin America, especially Columbia and Ecuador...

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FT chocolate 3.jpg

Crazy for Cocoa

It takes a full annual harvest from one cocoa tree to produce one tin of baking cocoa...

FT spices.jpg

Spices of Life

The earliest accounts of spice trade date back to Egyptian records of 2600 BC...

FT soccer ball.jpg

Fair Play

A standard size 5 FIFA soccer ball is hand-sewn using 690 stitches tied at a tension of up to 40 kg...


Tea for Two

After water, tea is the most popular drink in the world with 15,000 cups drunk per second...

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