You can make a positive difference in this world!

When you shop...

Choose FAIRTRADE certified coffee, tea, sugar, grains, spices, cocoa, chocolate, bananas, flowers and fruit juice. Support local producers and most importantly, always ask for FAIRTRADE products – consumer demand has the power to change the status quo!

At work...

Get your workplace to change over to FAIRTRADE certified tea, coffee, sugar and hot chocolate. FairTrade Canada can support you with samples, leaflets and general enquiries about available FAIRTRADE mark products.

At school...

Get your school staff and cafeteria to change over to FAIRTRADE coffee and tea. Show the BLACK GOLD video (contact us for a copy). Organise a workshop (check out's educational resources).

Get involved...

Join our group working hard to make our community more FAIRTRADE informed. Come along to one of our meetings. Call 819-459-4452 or email for more information.

Wakefield Fair Trade Town Committee © 2010

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